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The Separations

Without my parents I feel naked
in a world where all others wear clothes.
What bitten fingernails, what anxiety
created by separating parent from offspring!
We’ve been edited from each other’s lives.
We’ve been herded and fenced off--
unicorns in double, triple cages of captivity,
poking, gnawing in vain at what imprisons us.

I leap, but the fences grow
twelve feet taller than they were before.
I stare, but spot only the invisibility
of those who maintain the barriers.
In a land where the language is barbwire,
chain link and thick brick wall all in one,
I need my mama,
as a singer requires air, craves air
to belt out a note that must be expressed.
In a pen that grows smaller by the second
my identity flaps and waves
like a flag trying to beckon
aid in a wilderness.

  Austin Alexis