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Just gone Two A.M.
The Punter
And the Stripper
Leaving the Top Hat gambling den
In a rusty bomber
For a little bit of ecstasy
While there's still
A few quid left to blow

Her furnished flat
Just off the promenade
Its windows cracked
And sealed with tape
Her dress hitched up
And then her haunches pinned
Against the damp and sagging wall
Fucking fast and furious
By the corner table
With the vase of faded
Plastic flowers
Wobbling along

By herself again, she counts
The crumpled notes
Stashed inside a one eyed teddy bear
Finds the needle
And the blue moon spoon
Lies back upon the unmade bed
To feel the glow
Flow through her soul
Oblivious to the banging
And the curses
Of the nutters
In the flat upstairs

  William Corner Clarke