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there is no rhyme or reason
to these thoughts that come to me
like fall leaves swept from trees
hit the ground like a Li Po poem
wait to make love
on the ripples of a red wine river

the passion a hurricane rips through me
like a lover trying to thread a needle
in the teeth of a hurricane

I seek refuge from the storm like
a pilgrim seeks refuge in the
dead cold of winter
enter your body like an ancient explorer

I ride you like a bronco bull
your eyes a blue moon shine up at me
the night sky undresses the stars
we explode like two sticks of dynamite
a sailor at sea chartering a new world
no desire to conquer
I a gardener you the fertile soil

we lock limbs plant seeds of passion
the stars make love to the galaxy
our heart beat as one
you an open flower
me a hummingbird feasting
on the nectar of life

  A.D. Winans