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Hey, man, watcha doin’ in town?
Thought you’d be gone by now
Nope. No such luck!
Isn’t the war good enough?
You’ve got two to choose from
Hell, yes, two too many
So what’s keepin’ you?
Wife got pregnant
which means what it means
and to top it off
I’ve been laying kidney stones
like a chicken on speed
Ever have kidney stones? Don’t!
Worse than childbirth
It’s a full time job with these stones
in and out of VA hospitals
Thanks to the last war
kidneys trying to kill me
I’m sure the dead won’t miss
my everlovin’ touch
Besides, saving the dead
is not so important anymore
not when you have a kid
What else is new?
I signed on to a class action suit for vets
exposed to whatever,
whatever syndrome is out there
There’s no name for it

If I leave soon to join my buddies
my kid will collect death benefits.

  David Gershator