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My friend the military mortician
says he’s going to re-enlist:

It’s the body count that does it
it really gets my blood going
the bodies out there need me
civilian life’s too damn slow
too few dying all at once
unless you get lucky
a crowded bus going over a cliff
a big terrorist attack

Once I re-up
sooner or later
some of my good buddies
are gonna need me
so they’re always nice
especially on the chow line
and I always keep my promise
to make ‘em look good
as good as I can

You know what I really like?
no bitching
no complaining
no grousing and grumbling
shit, man, they just follow orders
coffin after coffin off they go
taking their shipping orders with them
and to top it off
they get a big flag
but that’s not my department
I deal with bodies
lots of bodies
messed up stiffs
burnt to a crisp
blown apart
torn to pieces
damaged goods
stitched together and made up
for the flight back home

My wife thinks I’m nuts
but I miss the action
and she’s right.

  David Gershator