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Between Latitude and Longitude

Driving a city highway you are the long thin neural network
running the spinal column of the body electric,
each streetlamp a vertebrae
		each office light a node
each apartment in each high rise condominium
	an input expanding around itself
that you gather into your awareness.
At its core, love is a gazillion bar stools
in ten quadrillion states of mind in the cloud
backward across time held static
                    	hyperlinked perplexity real time.

A car moves toward a tiny town of 200 souls
in western Colorado at 10 p.m.
and the driver is a compound of mountains
with a handful of kitchens and wood burning stoves for heat
he is aware of the Earth and not the grid,
of the network of rivers into lakes and time.

A plane passes over the country
each light below it human consciousness
dreams in a very distant night that breathes.
You think that you are flying the plane
    	just as every other passenger
in all this vastness you follow the lines
and you are on the grid.
  Jared Smith