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Odd Parallels To

Idle time was a Samurai sword down by the check pattern topography of the farm house gardens
near the cast iron moors
Where the Impressionist wood smoke turned me into a merman who still sits to close to his TV
screen in this night time desert
That is stranger than trust no one and where visits from the recently dead are the only thing that
gives me peace
Especially when they beckon for me to follow them back to yonder.

  Ken L. Jones __


Thousands Of Lights

After a silver labyrinth feeling of falling and sprawling quadrants
I found soothing in how the water thunders
Starry eyed and time traveled into the far flung future of the ticking clock
As I break free of the robotic and aloof
And walk away from here slowly since the low tide is now royal blue
To hunt once more for a long, long time ago circus
Frosted now with the most enormous of glaciers
With only my own strobe light like sadness urging me to press on and on
Even as everything evaporates into vapor.

  Ken L. Jones __

Shades Of Ivy

The billboards barely utter a word as I leave a swap meet now covered in snow
And follow the black steam rising from a locomotive past the prehensile brooding cliffs
Where a watercolor scarecrow surveys all till the percolating oil rigs draw me near to my home
By the fleabag cherry orchards where thanks to a system of used books and a moat
The sound of the wind shuffling my way will be a scavenger hunt that I won't have to answer.

  Ken L. Jones__


Veil Lifted Upon

In the long ago hinterlands of when you were young
Wind chimes made of seaweed strands echoed like pachinko games
  Swallowed up by constant rains whose afterlife
Still daydreams pen and ink skyscrapers that walk in the dark
Even when my face is touching the cool side of the pillow.

  Ken L. Jones__