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Despite Magnificent Technique

Before we could relate the rest
of the story, it was over
because a new one had begun
and was telling itself
even as it, too, was about to sink
below its own beginning.

We who knew of the story
(were perhaps in the story)
tried to correct and auto-
correct the story’s insistence
that it go where it wanted,
not where we hoped.

  Karen Neuberg __

Throwing Blind

In the discursive,
an ocean of tides
under moon’s pull.

Throwing blind into dark
toward a precipitous

Change taking
almost everything
taken for granted

  Karen Neuberg__
Half a Glass

Not inured to it, this ever-increasing

swath to tread with heed
across this growling climate.

Easy to focus on the good
as much as the bad

someone says.
Where are they from?

I’m wanting
to see what they’re seeing.

  Karen Neuberg__
Birthday Poem

Today has fastened its teeth together along my edges, moving up like a zipper.

My entire neck is trying to prepare.

Plus I’m sporting an old-fashioned look complete with fringes moving to and fro.

I am a spotted calf. I am a sacrifice to time.

  Karen Neuberg__

© Karen Neuberg: Muse in the Museum of Time & Memory