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Listen to me
If you have ears left
After all the shouting
Not that what I say
In quiet
Is any more important
Than what was said
With noise
I just need to know
I have a voice
And you still have
The ability to hear

  Joseph Farley __

Minor Hopes

I expect nothing but the tornado,
The whirlwind that will uproot
All that I know.

I have seen it before,
Felt its caprice and power.
Just once more

That’s all I ask,
To be the bicycle rider
Swept up in clouds.

  Joseph Farley__

            © C.T.v.M. : Carre- MMF_1095a
Crossing Paths

I saw a blue heron today.
Maybe the same one
I’ve seen before,
Maybe a different one,
Flying low over
Pennypack Creek,
A half mile above
The Frankford Avenue bridge
That claims to be
The oldest road bridge
In North America.
So much easier to cross
That stream with wide wings
And the grace of an angel
and beak filled with frogs.

  Joseph Farley__

This is where you are.
The scenery is your life.
If there's a story to this,
You're in it,
Maybe not the lead
Maybe just an extra
Face along the way.
Where? I don't know.
I didn't get a copy
of the script either.

  Joseph Farley__