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In a land of flattened fields and broad branched trees
Towers are landmarks made by men
Magical, martial, walled and moated
The clocktower anchors the town piazza, though
the time is always off
Castle tower once pierced by arrows, as sentries
scanned for invading foes
Church towers Campenella rose to heavenly heights,
bells bisecting dawn and dusk
And the lovely conceit of an empty stuccoed tower
that overlooks manicured garden
Now home to sleeping bats and dried droppings of doves

  Ilka Scobie __

From the Portuguese
for RR

One million cigarettes does not create a cumulus cloud
Sometimes a scrawl is merely that,
Careless markings flowing freely
Your taut fragility masks a master’s survival skills
Everyone awaits your arrival
The world was discovered by mistake
But it was no accident

  Ilka Scobie__

The Arrival-7
©Bob Heman: The Arrival (VII) - August 15, 2018
The Dawn of Darkness
On Dec. 15, Trump’s White House has banned seven words from future CDC documents

When words are banned
A fetus sheds amniotici tears.
diversity, all embracing is
Essential to life.
restrictions are ignorance’s entitlement.
Evidence-based reality
Heralds science based facts.
The transgendered will not be erased.
These words now shatter vulnerability.
Willful words that must be spoken.

  Ilka Scobie__



Broken promises are coming home to roost,
bad thoughts are getting mixed up with the good ones,
the world is growing increasingly crazy –
a hurtling, careening, corner squealing commentary on the cosmos…
Is this the work of the god of a paradise where anything goes?
Leaving a message in his wake that nothing is real, life is a trip
and earthy scents’ of “Strawberry Fields Forever” …

If you've been imitating the seeming cool, the detachment, and the languor,
your genuineness with arms akimbo won't be noticed
until you tire of your pose in Ray-Bans when indoors.
I do remember some funny looks
when playfully wearing them on center stage of hope and ability
... (A long time ago)

you can’t go back;
even Mt. Everest is a little shorter than it was.