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Ah, my no longer young old friend, my dark-red other me, 
Temptation of sixty years, bliss & embarrassment, 
So you've left me? Not the desire, but the power
& glory, the union of epidermises 
& sensitivities, no inner-outer 
For some minutes, maybe hours. Portable personal 

Mini-paradise, illusion, egg of Thales 
Where no male nor no female is; 
Eros never too dearly bought: how do i live
Bereft of you? Partially, an implume biped
On one leg only, defined by a hollow, 
Compensated but vaguely, never 

Without sorrow.  Old Manneken Pis, a pale 
Spacetime worm slithering thru gravity coordinates, 
Cerebral spaces, as best i can, competent, 
Useful maybe to others but little good to my 
Self with no fleshly sisters. 
Nacht du schlechte Welt. 
  Darko R. Suvin