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Lavender Dicks
                     by Robert Roth

Lavender Dicks is the name of a lesbian detective agency. It could be the name they’ve given themselves. Or they could have been dubbed that by the tabloids and the handle stuck.

I heard a woman having sex from somewhere in my building. I couldn’t be sure from where. I wondered who she was and where the sounds were coming from. I thought I would have to have sex with each woman in the building to find out. Though it was also possible she was just visiting someone. I only heard her moans in the morning. And on three different occasions. Each time while sitting at the kitchen table. The facts are bit murky. The clues a bit vague. In the story she could be a witness to a crime. A detective who lives on the third floor and had heard the passionate screams and moans is hired to find her. She has to seduce all the women in the building in order to accurately identify who the woman is. Now people make different sounds with different people. This compounds the problem. But she is well trained and quite confident. The arch criminal has to track her down first. He/she also has to seduce all the women. It is a race against time. Finally the criminal and the detective come face to face. Should they seduce each other, shoot each other or just turn away till another day?