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                     by Patricia Carragon

Keep your baggage light when traveling through life, because the trek gets heavier, and gravity, like your mother, will remind you each day. Keep your baggage compact. Don’t ever let them see the invisible monsters inside. Never say that your monsters are giving you grief. Believe in positive thinking, even if it doesn’t work for you. If you don’t, the universe will punish you further and your monsters’ anxieties will require new luggage. You’re still responsible for escalating your personal hell and every monster that you’ve created. Keep in mind that you’re being judged by how much baggage you carry. Every failure is your monster and every monster is your fault! Remember, you’re the architect of your life, and your foundation is sinking fast. Carry on, keep smiling, walk straight, and be brave! Let the skin on your arms rip underneath your shirt’s seams. Never mind if the rain turns cold, and your blood freezes underneath your skin. Your shoes can’t protect the soles of your feet, nor would the universe or monsters care, because you’re still responsible for every iota of misfortune, including your worn out shoes.