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Letter to Elizabeth

The days go by like wild horses. How are you?

I just broke through the chakra membrane and called your phone thinking well maybe that's a way to break the chakra membrane and hear your voice, hello?—

I have always thought you one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever met. Took a lot of work to get that confession out of me.

Your smile encompasses, that's what I like, to be part of that.

After my father died we moved to Cincinnati from Pineville to be closer to the Grandparents. We lived in a little housing development. I got in trouble. A horse reared at me. There were horses in Cincinnati then.

My candy bars melted and I was stung by wasps. I broke a robin's egg in the nest and I was buried alive by friends. Like that.

I cut my brother's hair with pinking shears.

Then my mother remarried a Nixon clone and my life went into cold storage till I moved to New York at 18. I went to Columbia, now I teach there so, effectively, I have become the guy I used to laugh at.

Then the moth flew in your direction, under your wrist, morphed into a bracelet, over your wrist.

Big Boy in our town was Frisch's. The best burgers I have ever had. Every year the Ohio flooded and we got Flood Break. I got in more trouble.

Will write the poem while I wait for your response.

  Bob Holman