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I have not travelled from Moscow
to Paris by train nor
sent a wireless telegraph poem to
my uncle in Kiev. I know he was
there but that was before my time.
I have not travelled from the
Burmese coast to Borneo like
Commander Bethune or was it
Keppel? I have the volumes
but I skip the boring parts. I
like the action.
I only like the action. oh now but
not swooning O
I have not travelled like this strophe
from Calais to Columbus Ohio
for nothing. I go from the
Capitol to town and country I
come from Empire city.
I never travelled but I like the in-
cantation. I like moving from
one end of the orchestra to the

I never travelled by plane from Tokyo
or shortened my hair for a hay-ride
just to be accepted but i admit
I’m a little mad about the extra-sensory abstract
I never tripped to the moon but
I tripped!
I never travelled from Buenos Aires
to Caracas but I once went
from the Staten island ferry to
42nd st. in 22 minutes flat
on a bicycle
though i never travelled from
Venice to the Suez canal i once
climbed the Williamsburg bridge
with my bare hands and hung
from the bottom singing
you’re the kind of a girl that men forget.

if all my nights were lengthened
by the thought of you if all my memories
turned off like the street lights of New York
at sunrise and my dreams were like the steps
of the downtown Bell telephone company building
I’d climb up to you in paradise at
the Top of the Sixes
2 generations ago.

© Love Cycles, 1973 - 2015

  E.L. Freifeld