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When Tides Recede

The dawn awoke

We found ourselves
In each other's eyes

Free from all alibis

Her arms and legs
Wrap around me
I give up all fears
Of intimacy

We remove our tainted scabs
Retreat from the world

A private womb is formed

Despite odds against us

Two jaded romantics

  Drew Marshall__

Something about Love on Election Eve

I don't see any love around
It was abandoned in the lost and found
No one came to claim it
They got rid of it soon enough

The constitution?

What's it to you?

Licks and riffs in a former major key
With tragic minor counterpoints
For tension and release
Thrown in to resolve
Quite unnaturally

  Drew Marshall __

At Memories End

When did age and responsibilities get in the way?
The future melts into the past

Precious memories
Experiences that won't come again

A tale to be told
For every crack in your face
Every grey hair

When you welcomed dissonance, not silence
When unlimited horizons
Filled every pore

My unqualified desire
Is no longer coin of the realm

The dreams of this ancient youth
Sunk swiftly, into the sewers of antiquity

I kiss temptation's wreckage
With a merciless love

Dusty rhythms arrive
At memories end
Under the guise, of cloudy dreams

  Drew Marshall__
Requiem for a Planet

Polar cap melting
Sea levels rising
We were unprepared
For changes to the atmosphere

It was the coldest summer in history
Followed by the warmest winter
There would ever be

Hearts were empty
Minds were barren
Souls couldn't pretend
There would be a harvest again

The bombing increased
The ruins piled up
We headed for the hills
Dead winds blew amok

Planet Earth was out of luck

  Drew Marshall__

Morning Rush

The young woman swiftly sailed past me
On Monday morning streets
Covered with snow and ice
From yesterday's storm

A cup of coffee in her right hand
A smart phone in the other
She walked briskly towards the subway

Coffee continually spilling out from the cup
She gave her undivided attention to the device

The girl traversed the slippery sidewalks
Wearing those pointed toe
High heeled shoes
On her beleaguered and bewildered feet

Her undivided attention given to the device
An accident waiting to happen

Women will bear the burden
Of wearing uncomfortable shoes
Just as men will not tolerate them

  Drew Marshall__