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Each Crystal Different and The Same

The first snow flake had dead flesh at its core
whirled high above the streets and factories and continents
and ice cased that flesh and swirled down upon us
appearing as a fragile, crystal prism nestled on the ground
And it was the first of many, and one after another
each as different from the other as your DNA from another
they began to form around dark soot and flesh and bone
and they drifted down with a starved child at their core
or the end life of a coal miner from the hills of Virginia
or the drops of oil spilled from cross country pipelines
or a mother’s child grown too old upon the streets and cold
they settled one upon another, and at their heart, the heart
within each one of the heart of the human race caught up
and lifted up, torn away into the sky to dance down
in a cold and sterile blanket indifferent to mankind.

  Jared Smith