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Men are brave to risk their lives
to fight and kill in war,
bleeding life’s blood
          from enemies.
Women risk their lives to give
birth to new life
offering life’s blood
          from bleeding wombs.

Men win honorary medals
to display
          on proud chests.
Women are told to cover
          shameful breasts
while they give milk,
          nursing life.
Their breasts are our first link
in the food chain that binds
          all to Mother Earth
with photosynthesis—their
          breasts, not mere
          objects of sex.

Men are praised for bleeding
          life unto death.
Who made our enemies
          to defend us from?

Women are shamed, told they’re
          for bleeding life unto life.

What say you is courage,
it comes to giving
          blood to life?

Where should honorary medals
      be displayed,
             on stiff proud chests
             or soft nurturing breasts.

  Daniela Gioseffi