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She said she was
from Minneapolis
and was a Catholic.

I said I was
an atheist
from New Jersey.

Funny, we agreed,
how opposites attract,
yet couples also need
the similarities.

And how tough it is
to meet someone,

living in the city,
working for a living,
surviving on scraps
of friendship,

and then suddenly
you turn a corner
and walls between people
fall away.

At the movie
we laughed and laughed.

But where do we
come from,
I wonder,

I mean, not Minneapolis
or New Jersey,
but where
do we REALLY
come from?

In bed with her now,
lying side by side,
having made
rusty love –

legs intertwined,
the shape of our kisses,
fit of our heartbeats,
wings of our hips --

I see how
we were
one body once,
before being split,

like the continents
of Africa
and South America.

  Chris Butters