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When she looked west
The church bell struck midnight
The priest bowed to the holy spirit
Day turned to night in the canyons of the imagination.

When she looked west
I buckled my shoe
I apologized for being stupid
I stared off toward the horizon.

When she looked west
The strawberries ripened
The gyroscope swiveled
The umbilical chord tightened.

When she looked west
I was happy as a returning sailor
I was lifted into the air by a helicopter
I was thrilled to be among the birds and bees and barracudas.

When she looked west
The brown dog howled
The black horse whinnied
The color blue drowned
In the last rays of sunlight.

When she looked west
It was independence day
It was a big hullabaloo
It was enticing as a summer romance.

When she looked west
I slept like the baby Jesus.
I prayed for her salvation.
I demanded the sea part
And let her pass
Without any explanation.

  Bruce Weber