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All the King's Men

Burning cross wisdom, firelight
readings from newly appointed
holy book of the Kloran: Klaxons
and Kleagles, bad spellers bereft
of reason, illumination provided
by hate speaking, self-anointed,
bigots, blood rituals instead of
baptisms, drinking by the defiled
river waters where a children's choir
of unchanged voices sings the devil's
songs at midnight: "Redrum Redrum....."
Black magic and moonshine, white
lightning warriors, personal space
invaders, forked tongues and
carbines, "Don't Tread on Me"
flags and tattoos, serpent spit
and viper bite, weapons for piss
Christ rednecks. Look into your
conscience preachers proclamations;
after the mob rule violence, those
who have seen inside themselves
have never been so alone.

  Alan Catlin