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Foreign films in black and white
Depict the weird inner world                                     
As we consume subtitles in                                        
A chain reaction of sound.                                          
Images are two-fold: ghost with sickle.
Tart images continue to baffle
As the reel unties psychology.

A human's profile or a beast well-dressed?
A breeze is mistaken for smoke adrift.
Storm clouds... no,  dust on a released awning.
Graphic S&M  scenes, ghastly to watch,
Or light on a sacred mythology?

Nudes, charcoal-tinged and firm:
Did statues worship us?

Before the rolling credits
On the screen,  we see the beach,
A cement lot with buildings
Spewing forward only to retreat,
Take after take.

Has film reversed
Revealing some of our wants?
But the film is dim and clear.
  Joshua Meander