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Escape from Ellenville

a child of highway and wine
    still doing what I did
decades ago. Jazz and the sad momento
    following me through town and hamlet
city and scape. Monk’s mood and Trane
    blowin’ by the riverside – finding the notes
coursing the curves. The sun in the East, then West
    rising, falling like love itself
bridges, streams – the four way stop.
   She tailgates w/lipstick. Monk approves,
Trane bops free – rising, falling,
   like love itself
Always in the foreground, back – always on
   the downbeat, sixteenth, whole rest,
left signal, right – like love itself
   particular, pesky. Of wayward origin
and design. Stick figure shadows
   dance en masse. Post road, turnpikes
thirty-two bars, and out.

  Mike Jurkovic