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No Experience Needed (For Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski)

Most classified ads today say no experience necessary
Employers would rather pay kids’ fresh from school the lowest salary
Than pay the experienced person what they are worth in today’s economy

Who are these kids who hire and supervise me?
A baby boomer, victimized by age discrimination
We, who worshipped at the altar of youth
With the help of Madison Avenue

We quickly disregarded all the old
All we needed were our guitar hero’s
Our parent’s views were rejected all too quickly
They weren’t wrong about everything
Most things, like Viet Nam, but not everything

What did we know?
We didn’t live through the depression and World War II
The post war world had irrevocable changed for the worse
We couldn’t possible see things through the eyes of our parent’s universe

It was a brave, young world
A brand new day with blue skies protecting our way
Then decades flew by
We had to wonder why
We weren’t young anymore

We grew up at a rapid pace
Many went on to great success
Many screwed up
Their lives were a tragic mess

What is the meaning of success?
If we don’t reward and honor experience
Out with the old
In with the new
Except in regard to people
That old saying is true

  Drew Marshall