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Hope for Humanity: A Secondary Abecedarian

Someday a stream will float along
or brook will sing its song,
while clouds, which lightly waft away
look down from where they play.
Then each of us, beneath the sun
which flickers o’er our fun,
while games array
this happy day
like innocence begun,
will just enjoy our lives and say,
“In kinship, we are one.”
The love we share with fathers and
with mothers, sisters, brothers,
yet not just ours, but many more
this openness toward others, so
many people we don’t know,
who quickly touch our lives,
then return to realms their own,
so similar to what we’ve known
where they have grown, and which have shown
the unity we need,
that victory of hope, that seed,
for where we are, we’ve seen by deed
that xenophobia and fears
have yielded far too many tears
which zealous love alone, appears, the remedy indeed.

  Ken Gosse