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stuttering napkins (for paul blackburn)

i sit there in mc sorley’s
maybe a table away from you
& the firemen & cops
writing my poems
being “a man” at the ripe old age of late teenager
eating leiderkranz cheese crackers & onions
drinking a mixture of Guinness & light beer
until I am plastered
i was always alone with the sawdust
on my soles & lips
you – i there
through our histories –
our histories coinciding
yet never intertwining

  autumn now
your history in the history books
like the soon falling leaves

we drink together
but apart
you survive as i perish
in a fine wind

let’s meet later at Max’s
      (the book store not the city)
                  then later
         i’ll play another version of that Rollins tune
you like so much

where was i while i was there in the middle of all this?
where was i?

it’s autumn
early to mid 1960s
as i exit the station
one fallen leaf
brown & brittle
lying on the subway steps –
a bit too early.

stuttering napkins...Cont

tonight i heard paul blackburn’s voice
his numbers
my numbers after his numbers
without ever knowing his numbers
i’m paler than my brother’s
blue impala

i’ve always felt
perhaps because
i’m not a translator myself
that translation
brings too much ERA
into one’s own poetry

a located

lack luster

my brother’s impala was a

  steve dalachinsky nyc - st marks church – 2016

"i want to escape..."  (Robert Frank Exhibit @ Scalo Gallery)
- for Gregory Corso
good bye hope unclear nuclear hope good bye volcanoes fish experts UFO's & foreign lands good bye elections & election fraud good bye fantastic operations & sandwiches 5 cent penny candy motel rooms with windows good bye palm trees daisies & ideas dark silence music & the past good bye ode pretty girls birthdays hrs. minutes months years calendars good bye seconds ruins photographs of ruins coffee cups coffee tea cake table spoon good bye gesturing space within emptiness emptiness within space good bye blooming concrete acanthuspaperchristmas good bye daddy blitzkrieg truth & dark silent music shadows good bye crowded rolls of film hanging like fly paper in a room occupied only by your ghost the image of winter perched upon the sill of my eye good bye you streets that i know of my youth middle age & my demise good bye you that i have never known will never know & have forgotten good bye BELIEF medicines & painful conditions good bye weather postcards differences travelling & visitations good bye inventions adversaries & inventory hello to nothing good bye preparedness distance deception & necessity small talk big talk people who are gone good bye to tributes good bye images bullfights speed blinking images & unbreachable entanglements good bye vocabularies purple potatoes & holes good bye therapy exercise visitors disaster & you good bye to you to how i look at you i want to escape have to escape need to escape to escape escape.
  © steve dalachinsky