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In Search of Lost Time

Sipping a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha
and eating a Greek Yogurt Parfait @ Starbucks
Tammy tweets me at the same time Chandler texts
Mariah Carey has strolled by me on the sidewalk

where everyone is taking selfies, checking email on
their cellphones, blogging and podcasting Adele’s
latest hit that does not include the fact that Freetown
is the capital of Sierra Leone,
which I learned from

Frank on Facebook who suggested I link-surf Wikipedia,
stream the most recent episode of Downton Abbey,
share images on Instagram of last night’s imbroglio
that I snapped using my Galaxy S6, a smartphone

with a gazillion uses that are held together by gravity,
dark matter and a belief that boredom and stagnation
can be beaten by Google and PlayStation while doing
New York Times crossword puzzle on my MacBook

Air where I am desperately seeking to answer the
question how did people before the digital age exist
without YouTube.

  © Martin H. Levinson