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The Alt-Right Sings

When Trump says, "We'll get the bastards out."
We shout and shout.
When Trump says, "We'll build a wall down south."
We shout and shout.

Whenever he speaks it's bound to make the news
First he'll get the Muslims, and then he'll get the Jews,
                No doubt.
And so we shout, and shout

When Trump says,
        "Put me in command.
        I have a master plan."

It's grand. Tell the klan.They'll understand.

Those refugee's from Syria; they don't meet our criteria
Let's send them to Nigeria, or maybe to Siberia.

Trumps our Standard bearer. He'll keep out all the terror
He'll save us all from Isis,         and any other crisis
Woman and kids they scare ya        he just says, "I'll dare ya."

And that is why
we stump for Trump    we jump for Trump         
   we grind and wind    and bump    and hump for Trump

We're fine with Trump        online with Trump
We'd like to wine and          dine with Trump.

There's something quite divine with Trump
He's hard.    He's God.
Or maybe something purer.

Why he could be    our Fuhrer.

        Frank Murphy