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Swinging Jazz
(Inspired by bass player Victor Bailey)

A steamy July set the mood for jazz.
Victor Bailey's putting on a party
to tape music he adores.
Doesn't have time to wait or waste.

Dropping our Manhattan cool, we give in to
Brooklyn's pull-air and space, Shapeshifter Lab's
wide white room, walls splashed
with vibrant murals of musicians at play.

Fans and friends jive to a booming bass.
The ensemble elicits a high.
Drummer Lenny White carries the beat.
Alex Foster's horn seduces.

Mino Cinelu on percussion creates magical sounds.
Sweet guitar licks fill the night.
A flirting filmmaker records the show.
We salute the moment with Spanish white.

Victor basks in rhythm and swing, inspires
and energizes. A sapping illness lurks,
but Victor's faith and funk drive his spirit.
A spontaneous family formed. Ready to dance again.
empowered by absence and pain.

        Amy Barone