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                          Origin of The Selfie Woman

                           It was the girl who fell into a mirror one day
                           and drowned, tripped, maybe pushed
                           her mother the prime suspect nudging her
                           to be more like this and like that & not the
                           no color to speak of girl she was pushing her
                           harder and harder who went missing one day;
                           couldn't be proved, a cold case nobody
                           thought about anymore, certainly not when
                           they passed a striking looking blond posing in
                           front of an art deco building, a camera perched like
                           a dead bird at the end of a long stick she held,
                           smiling at it, flipping her long hair back
                           toward those flashing billboard lights of
                           cameras transporting her to the crossroads of the world:
                           leaning against a mosaic subway station
                           in lower Manhattan, feeling like Miss Subway
                           heading to Lunar park, an out of control cyclone begins
                           spinning her glamorous funky torn-jeaned self
                           around the country onto digital newsstands,
                           no longer limited to street corners, or wishing
                           she looked like women in those magazines, she's
                           now flashed across the cyber globe--- hundreds
                           thousands with a single like feeding her what
                           she feeds to others

                          By Linda Lerner