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Right Around The Corner.

         We live in the most probable of all possible worlds.
        Voltaire, paraphrased by Stephen Hawking

In an alternate universe you
caught the train         made the shot
married the girl
    told the boss
        shut your mouth         died

Every crossroad, every step,
        every decision you’ve ever made, every if, every or,
                every this, every that
                        every possibility you ever faced

like a bubble of rain bouncing off a windsheild
bang         you’ve created another universe

But don’t feel too proud of yourself
even a butterfly can create a universe

It all goes like this:

In Universe “B”         your mother and father never met
In Universe “C”         you are reading this poem in French
and in Universe “D”         this poem was never written.
While in Universe “M”                 it was written in binary numbers.
So it goes.

In Universe “N Prime” you are a mote of dust
caught in the sunlight coming through a bathroom window

                In Universe “Alpha 4” there is
                no need for bathrooms at all.

There is one alternate Universe where there is no universe.
The big bang was a dud
     and the only thing that exist is somehow
     the tune to “How much is that doggy in the window”

In that alternate Universe there is no alternate universe
There, you and I don’t exist in any form
and poems are never written.           Not one in 35 billion years.

        Frank Murphy