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one mountain has a dedicated cross

the opposite mountain is dotted with hospital-white haciendas
surrounded by the hot avocado of spring trees

over there's the empty mesa

a power plant abuts an arroyo
its parking lot is designed to be invisible to cows

the roofs of Starbucks call out for Dunkin' Donuts

watch out for the pornographic railyards!

watch out for seduced beauty!

accommodation parks, industrial hotels, financial eateries, car complexes-
what hasn't been yet created?

the sun is raining through the clouds

the horizon shifts seats on the train

welcome to nothingness


welcome to Señor Elderhostel docudrama

                                         come, put your arms around my grief
                      assuage with your breasts the boils on my heart
massage with your tears the fecund desert of my eyes

the world is too variegated
            the landscape too narratable
                      I need less scenery

I need Home Depot

            Not Home Depot

                             HOME DEPOT

                                                       HOME to the eternal DEPOT

                    where mirrors are not the petty kings
            where prestige is not the frothing queen
where the only thing to eat is not the lush emptiness of space

  Bill Yarrow