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Free Ride

Midnight joyriding
We wound up in Coney Island

Waiting for a red light
Cop car pulls up alongside us

Roland floored the pedal
Patrol car chasing us
Siren blasting the night

Did Roland want to get caught?

Speeding down Stillwell Avenue
I pulled his foot off of the gas
I brought the car to a halt

Guns drawn
Thrown against the car

Heading for the station house
I explain
The Pontiac is not stolen
It belongs to Roland's, dad

We had never driven before
Roland's dad was called
They placed us in an empty, unlocked cell

The belt would be out tonight
He beat Roland and his older brother

Butcher by trade
Built like an ox
Loved flexing his muscles
Enjoyed, whipping that belt from his pants

My mother was upstate on vacation
I convinced the butcher not to tell her