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Coney Island

As they mixed a blend of baby oil, iodine, “Brooklynese”, and “Dentyne”
.html.html. High-haired high school girls in two-tone “Jantzen” bathing suits
Glistened hot in the August sun

Reflectors,shoes,flip-flops in bags, magazines and coolers
Anchored old sheets and blankets against the wind

Reading trashy “Dell” soft covered, one hundred page love stories
Peering over the tops of their novels and sunglasses
For the boy of their dreams
Or perhaps just a summer-time fling on “Bay” 15

With that mixture cupped in hand,
They buttered each other’s strapless backs
Being careful not to arch up too far, too fast

As they lay on their stomachs smoking and listening
To transistor radios in plastic bags
Playing “Love Letters In The Sand”, they dreamt

Beneath a hazy orange glow,
Dimming late summer afternoon dreams of love were renewed
As they spied sandy lovers
Secreted by a “Venetian blind” of shadow and light, under the boardwalk as they left,
Back in the “fifties”

  Anthony Vigorito