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The moon looks like a cashew
in the summer sky.

Come to the window, my love,
and trace its outline with me.

Tell me north of Saranac Lake
bald-headed eagles still thrive.

Tell me cripples
can heal one another.

        Chris Butters



        The good news is
        you have a job.         

        Of the three you worked
        with last year
        only you do not haunt
        the unemployment line.         

        The bad news is
        you have a job.         

        The work of the two
        who this year
        were downsized
        has been transferred
        to you.

        Chris Butters


Like one of those old old couples
you see on the subway,
their arms around each other
like 16 year olds,
so clearly still in love with each other,
those beautiful lines and wrinkles,

making you want to race home
and cry all night,
single mother that you are,
with an eight year old daughter,
growing up with no father,
and, you, no lover,

he having left years ago,
you work so hard,
going to work every morning
in this city of so many people,
why can’t you find someone,

and yet
at the same time
fills you with hope …..

Chris Butters __


the way you no longer
knock yourself out about
every single capitalist injustice,
but instead turn

to your other lives,
being a lover, being a gardener,
the struggle is long,
sometimes the fulcrum lies elsewhere,

but when the moment to change things
comes in all its dazzling clarity
you still seem to know
what time it is, despite a history

of uphill battles, throw
everything you have
into it, like a cowgirl
furiously wrestling a steer
to the ground,

like that saying you copied
what seems like a million years ago
from a wall in the depths
of the drug treatment program

because tt struck you
as true
because it struck you
as accurate

because it struck you
as beautiful
because it was in accord
with your heart

oh, lord,

give me the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,
the courage to change

the things I can ,
and the wisdom,
the wisdom to know
the difference

and then,
when you were finished,

you got up from your chair
and walked over
to the park

you still
that beautiful sentence.

Chris Butters __