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And when with a start the dream was exposed
in the wide expanse of the room of slumber
he knew that he must convert its action into words
with speed and exacting detail,
and, once verbally transcribed, repeated again
and again to solidify it in memory and overcome
the rapidly receding imagery of the oneiric state,
repetition upon repetition even when he longed
to be free of the boring recitation,
to lounge in the joy of the idyll of awakening.

And when as he rose and attended to his first ablutions.
foraged for food and settled down at last,
writing the words on paper with unfocused eyes,
then he saw the dream transcribed
into the text of a permanent record
in words bunched on the page.
And only then was he assured
that the substance of the dream was preserved
to serve the purpose of the cogency of the day.

  Arnold Skemer


He saw the city of the sorcerer
laid out in cubes of shimmering color,
towers of intense reflection,
and walls of burnished stone,
underneath the brilliant sunlight,
the boulevards that traversed its confines
turned in concentric circles
around a center that disgorged a brilliant light.

The city moved in tandem with the vibrators
of the other communities of the conurbation
and, underneath the aura of harmony,
extended the tincture of deception.

These were the simulacra of upheaval
dressed in the false colors of respect
for the arcane colors that reigned.
But the maintainers of order could not perceive,
beneath the stolid quiescence of the inhabitants,
the suggestion of insurrection.

And beneath the serene aspect
of the urban terrain a disquiet gathered,
an infinite distemper, under the architectonic
gathering of geometric shapes.

  Arnold Skemer


A scholar of darkness in the library of his imagining
is soon a wanderer in the long labyrinths of shelves
and the heavy tomes of inexhaustible mystery.
He moves with purposeful stride to build him a structuring
in a rude and capricious alcove. Ideas run through his mind
but they are obscured in their import.

Let the dreams disclose themselves,
visions of the library of his thought
of the repository of mythic wisdom,
so long ago dissolved into thin air.
What did the massive facade mean when first he saw
the dignity of its frontage in the deceptive morn?
He dreamed of its symbolic reading room
as faceless figures moved in spaces beyond him
and watched them flickering in the elusive dream.

And all libraries since, if multistoried haunts of
invisible beings are even seen reflected in the imagery
of his first love, now bashed by the wreckers ball,
its vestige torn from the living earth
and the security of memory, and delivered
into a nothingness without end.

  Arnold Skemer__