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I want to make healthy choices.
That's my plan for living today.

I can't really plan beyond today.
I can't plan that far ahead.
I don't have that much foresight
or control over my behavior.
I might do something unhealthy
tomorrow, but not today.

Today, I will choose to do
what I think is healthy.
I'm talking mind as well as body.
Actually, I'm talking more mind than body.
I was never a great caretaker of my body.
I fed it whatever it wanted.
I pushed it when it was tired,
but I didn't push it to a better condition.

The mind is something I can work on,
as well as the soul, whatever that is,
and the spirit, if there is such a thing.
I can try to tone my mind,
give it some healthy things to think about,
things like flowers and trees,
hills and grass, sunshine, water,
stars at night, that kind of thing,
at least figuratively, because such things
are not part of my normal reality.

              Thaddeus Rutkowski