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At the window of the Kiev
surrounded by NYU film students
post-modern kids with ontological tattoos
rite-of-passage piercings
I spot ghosts on 2nd Avenue

                   Adam Purple
                   who peddled through the 60's
                   still on his bicycle (no longer in purple)
                   a new girlfriend in the wake
                   of his white beard

                   the punk construction worker
                   lean arms swinging from a cut-off leather vest
                   has gone gray
                                           embarrassed by
                                           my age
                                                         I'm relieved to see Eric's
                                                         antique goatee
                                                         when I tell him
                                           Marie Louise Von Franz
                                           is dead
                                                         Jung's mystical sister
                                                         who defined the Puer Aeternis
                                                         and synchronicity
                                                         with him in
                                                         the underworld...

Over apricot Danish
Eric recalls a moment when
recently departed Carlos Casteneda
visited the Marlboro Bookshop
to check on sales of his work

                                                         -More like Al D'Amato,
                                                         than Harrison Ford."

then laments a flood
in his apartment water damage
to his American Mercuries
especially now
                             that Mencken
                             is timely again
at the end
of the Late Pleistocene
when the extinction of most large mammals
                             Boobus Americanus
                             alive and well

-Which doesn't explain what happened
to Lanford Wilson or Sam Shepherd
after their early successes
at Cafe Chino.

                             -Yes, he agrees. They seemed to fade
                             overnight unlike Arthur Miller who
                             (unlike Houghton Foote)
                             grows more elegant
                             with age.

-It can't be easy to outlive your audience, I observe,
watch them cease to exist. Miller
moved to England where
they revere him.

-Ever think of living in Europe?

-Sure, I admit,
                          but can't say what keeps me here
adrift in a culture driven by
accelerating speed of obsolescence
watching the worm
of indifference
hollow out
my heart
Paul Pines